2016 Election Questions For Trump And His Supporters

Here’s the question I have for Trump: If you aren’t prepared to accept the results of the election, why are you running? Are you really so childish and immature that you are willing to undermine our democracy to salve your wounded pride? Of course you are. Obeying rules, that’s for other people, not for billionaire Reality TV stars, right?

To those evangelical preachers who have been telling their congregations to vote for Trump: What possible excuse can you make for supporting a man who believes he’s entitled to molest women? Not only has he bragged about it, he’s also bragged about all sorts of lewd behavior. Nearly a dozen women have come forward to tell their own stories of how he assaulted them. When asked if he ever asked God for forgiveness, he claimed he didn’t need to because he never did anything wrong. I’m not particularly religious, but even I have a better understanding of Christianity than this candidate that you are holding up to your followers as a “godly man.” This “godly” man created Trump University, an organization that preyed upon the desperation created by the 2008 financial crisis. He refuses to pay contractors that he believes can’t afford to sue him.

For all of you who think Trump will “Shake Things Up” and create as system that is fairer than the one that has taken advantage of you all your life: It’s billionaires like Trump who profit from that system. Trump has never done anything that goes against his own interest, what makes you think he’ll change now?

For those who think they know Trump because they watched his TV show: On Apprentice, Trump had a whole production staff that could edit and rearrange things so that it looked like Trump was making good decisions. Reality TV isn’t reality, it’s fiction – deception – designed only to entertain you. It’s a lot harder to pull that kind of thing off in the real world. Would you let a TV doctor operate on you?

For those who won’t vote for Hillary because they “just don’t trust her”: Don’t you realize you’ve been played by the GOP? They’ve been trash talking Hillary Clinton since she served on the Watergate investigation. They’ve wasted hundreds of millions of your tax dollars investigating Hillary Clinton. If there was anything to discover, you’d think someone would have discovered it by now. She’s been working to help other people her whole life. For those who care about that kind of thing, she seems to be a relatively observant Christian. She’s careful and remains composed even when under full-throated attack from a jerk like Trump. Kind of like the way a president should be.

For everyone who’s frustrated with this election: Send a message that the kind of nastiness Donald Trump has subjected us to has no upside. Make sure you vote. Let’s give Donald a complete and resounding defeat that is so clear and unambiguous that not even he can find a way to claim it was rigged. (Though I’m sure he still will.)

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GOP and Media – This Trump Mess Is On You

It is looking more and more likely that Donald Trump will incite violence if he loses the election. At the very least, he’s doing his best to make the American public doubt the integrity of our electoral process. I hope no one forgets who is responsible for creating this monstrous election process this year. This one falls squarely on the heads of the GOP leadership which first ignored Donald Trump, then condemned him when it became clear he was a threat, and then jumped on board after he defeated all the other Republican candidates. Of course, now they are all jumping ship, again – and some jumping back a day or so later. It’s a lot like watching a clown show at the circus. The problem is that this clown show is doing a lot of real harm to America.

The media deserves some of the blame, too. All the cable networks rushed to give Trump free air time, about 2 billion dollars worth, because his controversial statements engrossed viewers. The president of ABC even went so far as to admit that what they were doing was probably bad for the country, but was good for ABC. Demonstrating one of the most important reasons why we need publicly funded broadcasting. Advertising ALWAYS distorts the product. In this case, the race to get as many eyeballs as possible helped give us Donald Trump.

Now the news networks could have treated Donald Trump like a normal candidate and done their homework. But they didn’t, they let wild claims go unquestioned. It’s long been known that there are people who believe that what’s put on TV is carefully vetted and “they can’t say it if it’s not true.” If only that were really the case, we might not be facing the mess that is rapidly approaching.

Now, Donald J Trump is claiming the media is in cahoots with Clinton, trying to smear him with lies. He ignores the fact that most of the discrediting footage that’s being shown is of him talking. We’re only now seeing the Donald J Trump we should have seen within a few months of him announcing his candidacy. Trump claims the election will be rigged against him by Obama, Clinton, the Media, and probably all the elves that work for Santa Claus. Rather than accept that the public is finally learning who the real Donald Trump is, he has to believe that it’s all a put up job.

The worst part of this whole business is that Trump supporters have been taken in by a charlatan who probably should have been arrested for fraud years ago. But money and privilege have sheltered Trump from the consequences of his actions until now. It’s not the first time a disaffected public has been duped. It happened in Italy and in Germany prior to World War II. Now it is happening here. Just like now, I’m sure there were many fundamentally good people that fell under the sway of charismatic leaders, only to realize much later just how wrong that decision had been.

Trump isn’t going to go away quietly. If he follows his usual pattern, he’ll claim he was cheated, force lots of recounts, and sue everyone involved in an attempt to bully his way into the White House, a tactic he learned from the GOP when they stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. I already expect there will be violence during the election. (I just heard there already has been violence. Someone firebombed a GOP headquarters.) I fear it may get even worse when Trump loses. He may very well call for his well-armed supporters to try to use force to scare people into letting him take power.

Even if Trump doesn’t directly call for violence, there are rumors he’s trying to buy a TV network. He’ll probably put his buddy Roger Ailes in charge and continue to spew his message of hate and conspiracy.

We have some of the best run elections in the world. There is no legitimate reason to doubt an election under normal circumstances. What happened in 2000 was only possible because the election came down to a few hundred votes in a single state, where the brother of one of the candidates was Governor. Right now, 538, the site run by Nate Silver, predicts an 86% chance Hillary Clinton will win by about 7%, 343 electoral votes, 50% more than Trump. So the only way Hillary could be stealing the election would be if just about all the pollsters covering the election were in on it. That just doesn’t pass the laugh test.

But that won’t keep people from believing Trump, especially if leading Republicans repeat the same message instead of graciously admitting defeat. Failure to do so will damage faith in our entire election process, something that could undermine the stability of the whole country.

So, GOP and News Organizations, it’s now on you. You created this mess. Own up to it, admit your failings, and do what needs to be done to fix it.

The future is going to have plenty of challenges for whoever becomes our next President without having civil unrest as part of the equation. We have to come back together as Americans if we want to accomplish anything in the World. Devisiveness does nothing but give aid and comfort to our enemies.

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Would You Support Anyone Else Who Acted Like Trump?

In general, I believe that most people are decent. I think they try to do the best they can. Sometimes they stumble and sometimes they give in to temptation. (Like when there’s a box of Thin Mints in the freezer.) But it’s been my experience that most people are fundamentally decent.

Donald J Trump is probably a nice guy to his friends. But I suspect that being Donald’s friend lasts only as long as Donald thinks he can profit off you. I can’t find evidence that he’s ever helped anyone but himself.

If you think Donald Trump is a godly man, why? What has come to light that makes you think the Donald Trump is anything other than a sexual predator and con man who has never done anything for his country. He dodged military service with “trumped up” medical claims that he can’t even recall now. He’s avoided paying taxes for the last 20 years. He has even leered at 10 year-old girls at beauty pageants and bragged that he’d be dating them in ten years. He’s sexually assaulted more women that we’ll probably ever hear about. And he’s gotten away with all this because he’s rich. If you heard this about any other man, would you want him as your President?

If you think Donald Trump is a good business man, why? A number of real estate experts have voice the opinion that he would actually be far better off, financially, if he’d simply held onto the property he got from his father and collected rent. He managed to lose a billion dollars in one year. He had to declare bankruptcy for his casinos four times. He paid more than the asking price for his airline. If this was any other man, would you think he had a clue about business?

If you think Donald Trump is patriotic, why? Trump laments the fact that China is dumping steel in our markets. But that doesn’t keep him from buying it to build his buildings. He didn’t serve in the military. He got a medical deferment, but can’t recall what was actually wrong with him. (That’s kind of curious.) He openly admires Putin and has called on Russia to interfere in our elections. He’s demeaned the family of an American serviceman who gave his life for this country. If this was any other man, would you believe he cared about America?

If you think Donald Trump is presidential material, why?
All it takes is a personal insult to get Trump so mad he loses all sight of what he’s doing. When his behavior towards Alicia Machado was brought up at the debate, he hours later that night tweeting nasty comments about her. When he’s confronted with his bad behavior toward women, he attacks those women. He believes more countries should have nuclear weapons. He’s said he doesn’t think Russian expansion into Crimea and the Ukraine is a big deal. He hasn’t even spoken about Russia positioning nuclear missiles on its eastern borders. Trump’s also praised the Syrian leader, Assad, who has been warring on his own people. Trump welcomes support from extreme radical White Power groups who claim he’s our only chance to reassert White Supremacy. If this was any other man, would you believe he was competent to be our President?

It’s chilling that so many people support such a person. It makes me sad, because I can’t believe they are bad people, not most of them. So I have to accept the fact that they’ve been deluded. I believe that’s true. I think it’s because too many of them have only listened to what Trump and his campaign tell them. They have completely blocked out anything anyone says that’s bad. Trump has become their religious icon, and that’s dangerous.

We need someone who is genuinely ready to be president. That certainly isn’t Donald J. Trump.

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Teaching Kids About Trump

Donald Trump has created another wonderful teaching moment. Now all his supporters get to explain to their daughters why it’s alright to vote for a rich man who simply grabs women by the crotch because he can get away with it. It’s called sexual assault and if Donald Trump has treated women that way, he should be in jail, not the White House. And no, claiming Bill Clinton has said worse doesn’t excuse such behavior or make it alright. If Bill Clinton said things like that, he should be ashamed as well. At least he had the decency not to say them on an open microphone.

“Locker room” talk isn’t alright, not even in the locker room. It objectifies women and gives tacit permission to boys to treat girls as sex objects, not as individuals, not as people. It’s a step down the path of teaching them that rape is acceptable.

I have three beautiful nieces. Normally, if one were to be invited to the White House by the President, I’d be insufferably proud. If it was the Trump White House, I’d be terrified for them.

I’ve always had difficulty understanding why anyone would vote for such a repulsive individual as Donald Trump. I completely understand the feeling of disenfranchisement that his supporters feel, but I’m dumbfounded that they don’t realize it is Trump and his ilk that are the very people profiting from their plight. Trump is that guy who doesn’t pay the people who work for him, the guy that opposes raises in the minimum wage, the one that thinks of a worker’s pregnancy only as a terrible inconvenience for her employer. He brags about not paying taxes, forcing the rest of us to pay his share, instead. He’s a used-car salesman trying to sell you a flashy looking junker that gobbles gas and can’t turn left.

But the ones that confuse me the most are the women that plan to vote for Trump. Why? Would you trust your daughters and granddaughters around him? And, if you wouldn’t trust your daughters around him, why would you want him to be President?

How do you explain to your boys that sexual assault is unacceptable if you’ve voted for a Presidential candidate who brags about it?

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Making Life Decisions – Trump is a Life Decision

Twenty years ago, I was in severe pain. I needed a major operation. So I went to see two different surgeons.

The first guy was old (about the age I am now), boring, and told me exactly what he planned to do. He told me I’d have to actually have 2 operations six months apart.

The other surgeon had me first talk to a very attractive intern and then told me he could do the surgery in one go, probably laparoscopically, and I’d recover faster. He was younger, better looking, and more charismatic than the first surgeon.

I knew my regular doctor didn’t particularly like the second surgeon, but I figured it was just a personality thing. So I went with the second guy.

The second surgeon never intended to do the surgery laparoscopically. He never called and talked to my regular doctor, like I’d asked and he’d promised. (I found out about 2 minutes before they sedated me.) In the middle of the surgery, he decided he knew better than my regular doctor, and changed the procedure. When I complained after the surgery, he told me I should kiss the ground he walked on.

Six days after I left the hospital, I developed peritonitis. I nearly died and had to endure another four or five surgeries during the next week. Six months later, I had to have another surgery to complete the job. I stopped breathing and had to be revived.

My health wasn’t great before, but that one bad decision shattered it. I’m doing better now, but it has taken me twenty years of hard work.

Trump reminds me a lot of that second surgeon. Hillary reminds me more of the first one. (Who, by the way, hasn’t had any major complications with his surgeries.)

If you vote for Trump, you are making a decision that is going to affect your life, not just for the next 4-8 years, but possibly for the next several decades.

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