Skyrim Review – It’s Great Fun, but You Call That a Dragon?

Well, like many others, I pre-purchased Skyrim. (Actually my wife die.) I loved Morrowind and Oblivion, so I expected that Skyrim would be another wonderful game from Bethesda. I haven’t been disappointed.

Just like Oblivion and Morrowind, you have tremendous flexibility in your choice of character race, class, abilities, and facial characteristics. And, like in Oblivion, you are immediately plunged into the main story line.

In this story, you have to kill a lot of dragons, and the fights have been pretty hairy, but nothing like in DragonAge. So far, I’ve done pretty well against the dragons I’ve met.

Giants are another matter. All they need is one good wack, or stomp, and you become either a human(-ish) missile or giant toe-jam. In one memorable death, my character, Thorn, was hit by an uppercut by a giant and I was still ascending when the game cut away to let me choose to reload.

I’m having lots of guilty RPG-induced pleasure. I’ll write more later.

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