Why Can’t Republicans Grow Up?

Great Daily Show yesterday. Samantha Bee got Grover Norquist to admit that his trademark idea to get Republicans to sign a pledge to never raise taxes, ever, was something he conceived of when he was twelve. That explains a lot. Because the way the Republicans have been behaving certainly tracks with childish thinking.

A pledge to never raise taxes, regardless of circumstances is about the most moronic thing I can think of. Logically, it also means you can’t ever give temporary tax breaks, unless your goals is to bankrupt the government, because you are never allowed to let the temporary tax break expire, that would be raising taxes. Oh dear!

No wonder we have record deficits, Republicans have refused to do what’s necessary to reduce them. All they offer are drastic cuts in programs that would slow or reverse our recovery. All in the name of party unity. It’s more important to them that their “team” win then that America prosper.

The fact is that the top marginal tax rate has historically hovered around 70%, going as high as 94% during WWII. (That was on income over 2.54M in 2011 dollars. There were 24 income brackets at the time.) The top marginal rate is now 35%, but because of tax shelters unavailable to most Americans, the wealthiest Americans pay about 16%, less than many middle class families. So this isn’t about trying to redress some deep injustice being done to the wealthy, it’s about the wealthy clamoring for more special treatment. It’s like going to dinner with your boss, where he orders the most expensive items on the menu, and then leaves you holding the check. (Oh, and the next morning you find out you’ve been laid off.)

Politics is the art of compromise, it requires mature people who are capable of making hard decisions, not children who take an arbitrary stand in order to make marketing their party easier.

So, grow up Republicans! Accept the responsibility for the mess you’ve made and work with the Democrats to fix it. Act like an adult.

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