Why the GOP Wants to Raise the Eligibility Age for Medicare by 2 Years

Republicans want to raise the age of eligibility for Medicare from 65 to 67. It’s a terrible idea, because it will “save” about 5.7 billion dollars, but will cause costs in other parts of the economy of almost 12 billion.

So why would the Republicans, who claim they simply want fiscal responsibility, want to raise the age. First, because they can go back to their slavering ultra-conservative base and claim they’ve struck a blow against entitlements. But the real reason, I believe, is because much of the extra cost of healthcare, that 6+ billion dollars in additional costs, will drop into the pockets of the healthcare industry, specifically insurance companies.

It’s politics as usual.

Most people oppose this idea, but it’s likely to become reality despite the wishes of the majority, because it might be the only way to get the Republicans to accept higher taxes on the wealthy.

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