Supreme Court Considering Dumping Section 5 of Voting Rights Act

If you listen to what the conservative justices on the Supreme Court say, you’d think the Voting Rights Act was some terrible insult to the whole of Dixie and an egregious overstep of federal authority. This is because they want to discard section 5 of the VRA, which requires certain states and counties to clear any voting redistricting changes with the court. That sounds very much like overreach, until you look at the history of voting regulation in those locations.

According the the VRA, all you have to do to be exempt from section 5 is to have a clean bill of health for ten years. If you go ten years without having the court say no to some voting changes you try to make, you’re considered reformed. That doesn’t seem like it’s too much to ask. The Alabama county that is suing for the change recently tried to eliminate a minority Representative by redistricting him out of office. The Supreme Court’s answer should be simple, “If it hurts when you do that, stop doing that.” Isn’t that what the VRA was put in place for?

Congress recently upheld the law recently with a vote of 98 to 2 in the Senate. So by striking down section 5 of the VRA, the Supreme Court would be doing the very thing the Conservatives keep complaining about, legislating from the bench, overruling the will of the legislative bodies that are actually tasked, by the constitution, with making law. Ironic how it’s cool as long as it’s something the Republicans want and a break with out Founding Father’s Ideals when it’s something the Republicans don’t like.

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