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I'm a writer/programmer/QA Analyst living near Boston with my beautiful wife, Heather, and our two cats, Aran and Sam.

How The Daily Show Got It Wrong About Opiates

There seems to be a growing movement that wants to ban all opiates, regardless of the harm it would do to chronic pain patients. Since I’ve been a chronic pain patient for the past fifteen years, I feel I’m a … Continue reading

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Mentoring for FIRST Robotics – Non-Guilty Pleasure.

For the last six months, I’ve been mentoring over at Walpole High School for the robotics team, the Walpole Robo Rebels. It’s been a great experience. FIRST,, is an organization that believes we need to teach our kids how … Continue reading

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GOP Learning Disabilty

Apparently, the GOP can’t learn from its own mistakes. Instead of admitting that they screwed up, the ultra-conservatives in the party are doubling down and trying to spin the whole fiasco as if it was Obama’s fault. It is the … Continue reading

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Boston Book Festival

I went to the kickoff event of the Boston Book Festival on Thursday night, Writing Terror featuring Wes Craven, Mary Louise Kelly, Jessica Stern, and Valerie Plame Wilson. It was a discussion about fear and writing about fear. The first … Continue reading

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Encourage Obama and Democrats to give Republicans Nothing

The latest “compromise” that the Senate is considering would give Republicans part of what they want and set us up for another identical confrontation in February. We’re already seeing economic effects of this confrontation. Hundreds of thousands of government workers … Continue reading

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