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I'm a writer/programmer/QA Analyst living near Boston with my beautiful wife, Heather, and our two cats, Aran and Sam.

Surviving the Ecological Apocolypse

While this might not be a popular position to take, I believe we’re already well into the first phase of an ecological apocalypse that has been inevitable since human beings learned to talk and use fire. With the unprecedented ability … Continue reading

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How Dare You Endorse Trump!

For those of you who are cynically endorsing Donald Trump because you believe doing so will benefit you, somehow — What the hell are you thinking? Donald Trump campaigns, if you can call it that, by blustering about how he, … Continue reading

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Fixing the World

There is a single causal thread that runs through all the serious problems we face today: there are too many people. We have outstripped the ability of our planet to support us. We need to stop having so many babies. … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Another Example of How Mainstream Media Gets It Wrong

Recently, a study of water levels along the Northeast coast of the United States revealed that there has been a dramatic rise of 3-5″ in 2009 to 2010. This sea level rise has already caused some localized flooding even without … Continue reading

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Writer’s Infusion and the Walpole Writers Group

This last Fall, a friend of mine, Sue Zall, talked me into joining a project she’s been putting together. It’s called Writer’s Infusion. She got the idea after joining the writers group I attend, Walpole Writers Group, or WWG. Sue … Continue reading

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