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A New Code Structure: the Fold

Like many programmers, I stumbled upon code Refactoring long before I read Martin Fowler’s book on the subject. For me, it was a way of sorting through the sometimes torturous logic created by years of maintenance. I called what I … Continue reading

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Google Nexus 10 Screen Locking Mystery Solved

My Google Nexus 10, which quickly became my constant companion, started doing some really bizarre things about a month ago. The screen would go dark for no particular reason. It became more and more of a problem. When I’d try … Continue reading

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Google Nexus 10 Stuck on Lock Screen

For Xmas, my wife bought me a Google Nexus 10″ Tablet, which soon became my constant companion. I loved the fact that it was far easier to lug around than my laptop and let me do most of the things … Continue reading

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A Momentus Rebuild

A few weeks ago, my main computer went down. It took a long time to diagnose, but I eventually figured out it was my main drive, a usually dependable 300G Western Digital Velociraptor 10k HD. Fortunately, all my data files … Continue reading

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Portal 2 Review

I just recently started playing Portal 2, the successor to the very popular game Portal. In case you aren’t familiar with the original, it was a game built on the Half-Life game engine, that was included in some bundles and … Continue reading

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