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Google Nexus 10 Screen Locking Mystery Solved

My Google Nexus 10, which quickly became my constant companion, started doing some really bizarre things about a month ago. The screen would go dark for no particular reason. It became more and more of a problem. When I’d try … Continue reading

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A Momentus Rebuild

A few weeks ago, my main computer went down. It took a long time to diagnose, but I eventually figured out it was my main drive, a usually dependable 300G Western Digital Velociraptor 10k HD. Fortunately, all my data files … Continue reading

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Comcast, Tivo, and the message “This Channel will be available shortly.”

Recently, we had some problems that we originally thought were our with our TIVO. Some of our favorite programs weren’t being recorded. When we looked at what we recording, it was of some program on a different channel, or just … Continue reading

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Picking a Power Supply

It used to be that all you had to worry about when you purchased a power supply was if it had enough wattage to do the job. With the last couple of generations of CPUs and video cards, that’s no … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Device Drivers Come ON the Hardware?

Many of us, if not most, have had to struggle with finding device drivers that would let us use the brand new bit of hardware that we just brought – that device that will complete our life. We are stricken … Continue reading

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