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Why Can’t Device Drivers Come ON the Hardware?

Many of us, if not most, have had to struggle with finding device drivers that would let us use the brand new bit of hardware that we just brought – that device that will complete our life. We are stricken … Continue reading

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Why We Shouldn’t Allow Patents On Interfaces

These days, it seems like we try to patent everything, even stuff that really should not be patentable, like software and genetic sequences. (Let’s face it, genetic sequences are not invented, they are discovered. Don’t even get me started on … Continue reading

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Have Your Linux, Your Windows Games, with a little bit of WINE 1.0

I don’t much like Windows. I don’t hate it with a pathological hatred, like some people, but I do think that monopolies are bad things, in general, and Microsoft’s effective monopoly grip on desktop operating systems has been incredibly hurtful … Continue reading

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