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The Plutocracy At Work

Senator Inhofe, R-Oka, has introduced a bill that would do away with new air quality rules passed a year ago and kept in limbo by furious lobbying by the power industry. The rule would have cut down on the amount … Continue reading

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Republicans Think Obama Is Wasteful? Did The Sleep for 8 Years?

It’s like that story about the guy who sleeps for a hundred years and is surprised at all that has changed around him. The Republicans have suddenly been startled awake after sleeping for eight years, during which their pride and … Continue reading

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The New Appeal of Honesty

Over the past thirty years, it seems that we’ve come to expect dishonesty in our politicians, employers, and everyone who is trying to sell us something. Instead of being outraged at the blatant lies we’re told, we just accept it. … Continue reading

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My Plan To Save The Economy

I’m not an economist. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a single class in economics. But I think I’m reasonably intelligent and I’ve tried to pay attention to what has happened in our economy during my lifetime, so … Continue reading

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Does the GOP Want a Great Depression?

It’s beginning to look to me like the GOP leadership wants a great depression. Perhaps they have decided that by sabotaging the economy, they will be able to get back into power more quickly. If so, they should be deeply … Continue reading

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