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GOP Learning Disabilty

Apparently, the GOP can’t learn from its own mistakes. Instead of admitting that they screwed up, the ultra-conservatives in the party are doubling down and trying to spin the whole fiasco as if it was Obama’s fault. It is the … Continue reading

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The Plutocracy Stands United!

Yesterday, April 16, our fearless representatives in Congress voted down the Buffet Rule, which would have required people making a million dollars or more, to pay taxes at a rate equal to the rate paid by the middle class. You’d … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Get Distracted by Rush Limbaugh

The story of the moment is about the vile comments that Rush Limbaugh made about Sandra Fluke, a student who testified before Congress about the need for health coverage to include women’s contraception. Limbaugh’s remarks were, I think, deliberately inflammatory, … Continue reading

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