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Portal 2 Review

I just recently started playing Portal 2, the successor to the very popular game Portal. In case you aren’t familiar with the original, it was a game built on the Half-Life game engine, that was included in some bundles and … Continue reading

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Review: Under The Dome by Stephen King

A few years ago, Stephen King said he was done writing. That was after the conclusion of the Gunslinger series, which is one of the best reads I’ve encountered. Fortunately, his muse didn’t die so easily. Since then he’s written … Continue reading

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The Footlighters Production of Rabbit Hole

I was spoiled growing up in Louisville Kentucky by Actors Theatre, one of the best regional theatres in the U.S.. I had season tickets for several years before I left, and really loved attending the shows. (For one thing, it … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight

Over the last couple of years, my wife and I haven’t seen many films. There haven’t been that many we wanted to see. I’d about decided that Hollywood couldn’t actually make a decent movie anymore. This summer, we’ve been pleasantly … Continue reading

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SimCities Societies – or – EA Still Writes Software That Locks Up My Computer

My wife recently bought me a copy of SimCities Societies, produced by Electronic Arts. At first glance, it looked like a long held wish had been granted and someone had finally come out with an updated version of SimCities that … Continue reading

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