Photo Project

I recently took a digital photography class at Northeastern, with my wife, Heather. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, actually. I learned a lot, mostly due to the instructor, and despite the miserly attitude Northeastern took towards providing the class with proper resources. (When I’m paying $800 dollars for a class, at one of the top universities in the country, I expect to get better resources than I would if I attended at a local community college. Call me naive.)

Everyone had to supply their own cameras, which was fine, but there was considerable confusion about whether we we had to buy ink for the printers, or if we could print at all, for a while. Eventually, we learned we could print, but would have to supply our own paper. On the plus side, we did have nice Mac workstations with the latest PhotoShop.

I’ve always been pretty good with computer software, so that side of the course didn’t help me a great deal. What helped me the most, was learning what to use when. All of the programs around today provide all kinds of features designed to help you clean up and enhance your photos, but it’s difficult to know what each of the features does and when to use them. The instructor did a great job teaching us how to take a scanned photograph or a digital picture, and produce the best possible image from it.

My project was a self-portrait without any pictures of myself in it. It was way more ambitious than I thought when I chose it. I now realize I’d need a lot more time and a lot more pictures to complete it properly.

Below are thumbnails of the pictures I submitted. They are linked to higher resolution images, which are 10-12 megabytes in size. Even so, they’re still smaller than my originals.

Unit 23

This is the walkway to our condo. Making this purchase has changed our lives dramatically. For the past two years we’ve had to go without quite a lot, just to make payments. Fortunately, we didn’t get caught in one of those adjustable rate mortgage traps, and the previous owners absorbed some of the drop in value.

Writing Tools

Tools I use in my writing.

These are all tools I use in my writing. I probably should have included a pen. I write all my stories out by hand, before transcribing them to the computer. Working that way, I get an extra edit pass built into the process.

Too Many Tubes

Too Many Tubes

I have health problems that force me to spend way too much time in the bathroom. It’s part of my life I could do without, but we’re made up not only of what we love, but the problems we have to overcome.

I’ll add the rest of the images when I get some more time.

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