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Preventing Brinkmanship

Lurching from crisis to crisis has become the norm in Washington. The radical Republicans cannot accept that they lost and that they can no longer dictate how the government will run. So they will continue to use every opportunity to … Continue reading

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Why the Debt Ceiling is a Dumb Idea

Our Constitution, so beloved of the political right, gives the power of the purse to Congress. The Senate and the House have the responsibility of writing and passing the appropriation bills that keep our government funded. The President can only … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Bombing

Bombers are the worse sort of cowards. There is no honor or nobility in attacking innocent civilians with such a device while hiding in the shadows. We’ll find who bombed the marathon, and I hope we find him or her … Continue reading

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You Can’t Teach an Old Elephant New Tricks

Harry Reid and the old guard Democrats who want to be sure they have the filibuster for use the next time they are in the minority, made a crappy deal with the Republicans in which they promised not to do … Continue reading

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Why Failure of the Super Committee is a Good Thing

Well, it’s a good thing if they first repeal the automatic sequestration provision that would cause catastrophic cuts to the military, medicare and other social programs that would likely send us into another deep recession. Of course, if the Super … Continue reading

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