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Google What Have You Done To My Navigator!

Up until the latest release of Android, 4.3, I was a big fan of the Google Navigator application. It just worked. But, upon being updated to 4.3, I find that the Navigator icon is gone. I can get something kind … Continue reading

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Google Nexus 10 Stuck on Lock Screen

For Xmas, my wife bought me a Google Nexus 10″ Tablet, which soon became my constant companion. I loved the fact that it was far easier to lug around than my laptop and let me do most of the things … Continue reading

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Why You Care About Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality isn’t a very sexy phrase. Most people still don’t know what it means, but it’s actually very simple. Net Neutrality means that everyone pays the same price for access to the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you are … Continue reading

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My new Nexus One

I just got my new Nexus One smart-phone, a nice bit of tech powered by the open source Android operating system. I chose the Nexus One because it’s a phone developed in close cooperation with Google and Google is the … Continue reading

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