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How Dare You Endorse Trump!

For those of you who are cynically endorsing Donald Trump because you believe doing so will benefit you, somehow — What the hell are you thinking? Donald Trump campaigns, if you can call it that, by blustering about how he, … Continue reading

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Preventing Brinkmanship

Lurching from crisis to crisis has become the norm in Washington. The radical Republicans cannot accept that they lost and that they can no longer dictate how the government will run. So they will continue to use every opportunity to … Continue reading

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Thank You, John Kerry!

It appears that John Kerry has given the U.S. a way to get chemical weapons out of Syria and thus eliminate the rationale for an attack by the U.S. Kerry suggested that Syria could avoid a U.S. attack by putting … Continue reading

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Romney’s Not Ready To Be President

Before the last week or so, I figured that Mitt Romney could only do so much damage if he wound up winning the election and becoming President of the U.S. I was wrong. Who would have imagined that someone who … Continue reading

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Shame on the U.S. Supreme Court

In the original Citizen’s United Decision held that all political speech was created equal, and held that corporations and associations are no different from individuals. The failed to recognize that corporations exist only to make profit, they have no conscience, … Continue reading

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