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Oh No, Obama Care is Upon Us!

Obama care is far from perfect, Congress made sure of that. Our elected officials, who are supposed to be looking after our best interests are more interested in appeasing the heath care and insurance industry, than in making sure that … Continue reading

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Romney’s Not Ready To Be President

Before the last week or so, I figured that Mitt Romney could only do so much damage if he wound up winning the election and becoming President of the U.S. I was wrong. Who would have imagined that someone who … Continue reading

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Why is Romney So Afraid to Release Tax Records?

As far as I can tell, Mitt Romney has never had any problem with the distribution of wealth in the U.S. He’s rich, and like too many rich people, he apparently believes that the rich deserve special treatment, that they … Continue reading

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Shame on the U.S. Supreme Court

In the original Citizen’s United Decision held that all political speech was created equal, and held that corporations and associations are no different from individuals. The failed to recognize that corporations exist only to make profit, they have no conscience, … Continue reading

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